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Concrete Expert Consultlants Set World Record

It really takes concrete experts to set a world record like this. The longest continuous pour of 21,200 cubic yards of concrete took almost 20 hours to pour. The New Los Angeles Whilshire Grand hotel when completed will be the tallest structure west of the Mississippi. Standing at 1,000 feet in height this 73 story structure is projected to be completed by 2017.

It really does take a collection of concrete experts to organize and complete a pour of this magnitude. So what kind of experience makes for a good concrete expert+consultant?

First and foremost is experience in construction materials and problem solving. A concrete expert+consultant should have vast experience in performing a wide variety of laboratory and field evalutions for structural, architectural, and coating materials, specializing in those containing hydraulic cements.

Secondly and just as important is field experience. A good concrete expert+consultant should have experience in all aspects of an investigation, from palnning the field investigations to determining sampling and testing protocols as well as tabulating and analyzing the results. The investigation experience of a concrete expert+consultant also involves appropriate sampling and sample conditioning for effective and reliable laboratory testing of chemical, physical and optical (microscopic) properties of concrete and its separate ingredients addressing their effect on fresh and hardened concrete properties, with particular interest in durability.

If you are looking for a concrete expert with the kind of experience that has been discussed today, look no further. Building Forensics International has concrete expert consultants with this kind of experience and more.

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