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Concrete Litigation: Can Be A Real Problem

This morning I was seaching the internet for the lastest news and information regarding concrete litigation and the problems that can arise. To my surprise I found an article written by Geoffrey Hichborn Sr. PE (see photo insert). Concrete Contractor magazine published an article by Mr. Hichborn titled Defect Litigation in the Concrete Industry dated January 21, 2009.

This above mentioned article discusses the financial challenges that arise with concrete litigations. How homeownner are quick to look to builders and contractors when there residential or commercial property begin to show signs of aging.

The article uses sulfate attack allegations as an example of how costly the concrete litigation can become with hours of expert analysis and testimony. Mr. Hichborn is quick to point out that Castron v. Fieldstone case in Orange County California demonstrated that claims of sulfate attack are often based on "junk science".

I would recommend reading this article if you have any interest in concrete litigation or if you are involved in a concrete litigation.

BFI Staff Writer ~

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