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Concrete Expert Witness

Building Forensic International provides concrete expert witness testimony for clients who are involved in any level of dispute which involves concrete, portland cement, reinforced steel or related materials.

Concrete is made from the following ingredients; a mixture of sand, portland cement, gravel or stone (known as aggregates) and water. Concrete as a material has many uses in the field of construction. Concrete is a stable and enduring material. Some of its uses are; foundations, walls, roofing material, flooring, countertops. Concrete is a common topic in insurance claims and lawsuits between owners, contractors and or suppliers because there are standards and regulations which apply to the use of concrete for construction.

Concrete is known to be an enduring material, yet concrete is vulnerable to tension. There are many concrete mix designs that can meet unique purposes which can help to prevent as little tension cracking as possible. Again, standards and regulations apply to what is the best use for any particular concrete mix design.

When a BFI consultant is called upon to provide concrete expert witness testimony investigative work is done prior to determine if the standards, regulations, mix designs were followed and applied to a particular project, whether it is a bridge, tunnel, slab foundation or any other concrete structure. Even when precautions are taken to produce the best concrete product for a particular project unforeseen damage can occur. This is when the skills of a concrete expert witness with failure analysis and evaluation of concrete defects becomes valuable to any litigation.

Building Forensics International provides concrete expert witness consultants with over 30 years experience representing our clients who range from general contractors, construction companies, concrete contractors, concrete suppliers and manufacturers, commercial owners and residential owners. If you are in involved in a dispute involving concrete, cement or related materials BFI hoped you will considering contacting them for a concrete expert witness referral.

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