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  • What Can Concrete Petrography Provide Clients?

Concrete Expert Witness Work

Petrography helps our clients at BFI by providing them a description of coarse and fine aggregates in concrete. Petrography helps identify cementitous materials such as portland cement, fly ash, slag cement and other materials which supplement concrete.

Concrete Petrography can quantify the proportions of aggregate, paste and air, and determine if the pareameters of air void systems are suitable for freeze-thaw durability.

Concrete Petrography also can provide BFI clients the following evaluations:

Evaluate Cracking

Evaluate Causes of Low Strength

Evaluate Finishing and Curing

Evaluate Mixing and Consolidation

In most cases the Petrograher is dependent upon the field technicians observations of what was investigated in the field. The Petrographer usually only sees a small samples of cores which are taken from the field site.

At BFI a team concept is utilized to provide our clients with the best use of all aspects of Concrete Expert work.

For more information regarding the benefits of Concrete Petrography and how it can benefit the investigative process, please contact Building Forensics International.

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