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  • Value of a Concrete Expert Witness

Critical Concrete Expert Witness Work

In Concrete Defect litigation, the concrete expert witness is vitally importance to the attomeys and representing clients. Although it is not necessary for a concrete expert witness to visit the job site to express the opinions. Some concrete expert witnesses rely on other experts to define their scope of work and testimony. But it is still a good idea for the concrete expert witness to visit the job site to evaluate the general quality of the construction site.

Concrete expert witnesses who examine the physical evidence at the site, first must focus their efforts the structure's material conditions; whether they are working for the plaintiff or defense, each conrete expert should have his or her role detailed.

Defense concrete expert witnesses are encouraged to stay within the scope of the plaintiffs experts' finding of defects. It is too easy, when looking for defects, to go beyond the plaintiffs scope of repairs.

It is important to not only secure the right concrete expert witness, but counsel should provide clear and concise directives for the conrete expert witness regarding the extent and purpose of the investigation. This sounds simple. But without proper guidance, an attorney may receive more information than he or she wanted.

The experienced concrete expert witness can be an extreme help to an attorney in a construction-defect case and can often aid in the settlement of disputes, saving money for both sides.

Please consider Building Forensics International when searching for a competent, experienced concrete expert witness.

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