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Concrete Consulting and Sulfate Attack

The term Sulfate attack or External Sulfate attack and Internal Sulfate Attack tends to be abused in the concrete consulting industry.

Building Forensics International Concrete Consulting Firm has been investigated hundreds of claims where Sulfate Attack on concrete was purported. The following photos taken and provided by Steven G. Provenghi SE of Mackintosh & Mackintosh Inc. of isolated concrete piers deteriorating from sulfate attack from within is the only legitimate case of sulfate attack in thirty years of concrete consulting forensic investigative work.

In this case it was recommended to remove and replace the concrete piers with new piers. Chemical testing of soil sampled from two to four locations including from the crawlspace and from a test pit along side the gradebeam can confirm the exposure conditions to support a conclusion about the type of sulfate attack present in the sample.

Building Forensics International Inc. provides concrete consultants with the knowledge and experience to investigate all concrete and Portland cement along with all related construction materials.

If you are in need of an experienced concrete consultant please consider contacting Building Forensics International Inc. (BFI).

BFI Staff Writer ~

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