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Building Forensics International is a concrete consulting firm that provides an advantage to clients who are in need of failure analysis of their concrete project. Whether the structure is a bridge, slab, tunnel, cast-in-place, multi-level parking structure. No matter what the concrete structure is, BFI can provide a concrete consultant who is qualified to investigate the failure to determine the cause.

Concrete consultants at BFI are qualified with over 35 years of experience investigating the failure of concrete structures from the ground up. BFI concrete consultants have investigated slab-on-grades to high rise concrete building. The investigation process can include field visits, summary report analysis, petrographic testing, concrete strength testing, to expert witness opinion and testimony.

Whether the defect is cracking of any kind, scaling, delaminations, sulfate attack, sand boils, pooling, efflorescence, crazing, curling, water damage or the likes, BFI concrete consults will determine the reason for the concrete defect.

If you are looking for a concrete consultant to examine your project, or you're in the middle of a concrete litigation case please consider Building Forensics International.

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