Concrete Expert Witness Investigation Assignment:

The following is a description of a concrete expert's assignment for a given project. This description outlines the various aspects of what the concrete expert will perform to arrive at the opinions to be presented in the form of an expert report, deposition or testimony at trial.

"Visit, observe, evaluate, and consider the evaluations of others concerning the condition of the subject slabs, the repairs made thereto, and relevant construction records available to assess claims of excessive cracking in the warehouse and shop. The focus of the investigation includes the standard of care exercised by the concrete supplier including, but not limited to, concrete ingredient materials, the production, mixing and delivery processes, and the quality assurance/control system used by the ready mix supplier. The investigation includes examination of the proportioning, composition, weighing and batching, and controls and records thereof, mixing, delivery and proper periodic testing and inspection and documentation of the Portland cement concrete supplied and installed. Investigate what may have led or contributed to cracking or related slab distress, or both, at that facility. In addition, identify other reasons, if any, for cracking discovered in the course of considering the concrete supply."

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Concrete Crack through Aggregate

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