BFI - Building Forensics International is a forensic concrete consulting engineering firm which investigates and authoritatively answers questions about the design, installation and performance of concrete, portland cement, shotcrete, reinforced steel (rebar) and asphalt materials for owners, builders, contractors and design professionals. BFI offers concrete expert witness consulting to any client involved in the litigation process (including concrete moisture consulting.  


BFI evaluates the materials furnished by various manufacturers including portland cement manufacturers, concrete suppliers, precast concrete manufacturers, repair material formulators and suppliers, block manufacturers, rock and sand, mines, pits and quarries, concrete tile manufacturers, and those who produce gypsum products. Vast experience with concrete warehouse slab cracking and joint evaluation.


BFI concrete investigation consultants have found concrete surface defects, or surface blemishes, delaminations, concrete sand boils, concrete surface delaminations, concrete spalling, concrete curling, concrete cracking, random cracking, scaling, blisters, discoloration, low spots, among other type of concrete surface defects. 


Moreover, BFI evaluates the workmanship of contractors in the following trades that include concrete pumping, placement and finishing, masonry and stone, plastering, waterproofing, and repair contractors, residential and commercial developers.


BFI regularly examines tipping floors, post-tensioned concrete slabs, concrete slabs, slabs on grade, tilt-up warehouses, dams and reservoirs, concrete vaults, containment facilities, parking structures, airports, bridges, and nuclear power plants, slip and fall litigations and other personal injury cases involving concrete and other related construction materials. 


BFI also considers and evaluates construction documents, plans, and specifications as prepared by a variety of design professionals including civil, geotechnical, and structural engineers, geologists, architects and planners. Insurers and attorneys also retain BFI for these clients.  


BFI U.S. Operations primary focus is the Western United States including, California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas, as well as projects along the Eastern Seaboard. Concrete Dude, Concrete Guy, Concrete Petrographer

BFI | Building Forensics International
BFI - Building Forensics International -
BFI - Building Forensics International -
BFI - Building Forensics International -
BFI - Concrete Expert Witness - Geoffrey
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Ph: 714-637-7400                        1040 East Howell Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92805          "In the heart of the Platinum Triangle"

BFI | Building Forensics International

Concrete Crack through Aggregate

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