Building Forensics International:  Concrete Consulting

This Article was written by one of the Staff Writers for Building Forensics International.  Building Forensics International is a Forensics Investigative Firm specializing in Concrete and  Portland Cement Defect, Damage, Sand Boils and Structural Evaluation of any Construction Material related to the performance of Concrete and Cement. Building Forensics International Staff is made of up Civil Engineers, Architects, and Technicians with over 150 years of collective experience.

Builidng Forensics International is a forensic investigative concrete consulting firm that specializes in the forensic investigation of concrete, portland cement, reinforced steel, and related construction materials. 


Building Forensics International provides dispute resolution and forensic expert witness services. These services apply to the material, workmanship, design,

and use as well as repair recommendations surrounding concrete, portland cement, shotcrete, reinforced steel, and related construction materials.


Geoffrey Hichborn Sr., P.E. leads the BFI concrete expert witness consulting team.  Mr. Hichborn brings 30-plus years of experience as a forensic expert witness and litigation consultant working with concrete, portland cement, shotcrete, reinforced steel and related construction materials. 


Mr. Hicborn leads a team of forensic investigative consultants with combined experience of over 100 years.  Included on the team of expert consultants are petrographers, structural engineers, architects, concrete and portland cement repair contractors, geotechnical engineers, construction cost estimators, and concrete specialists. 

Building Forensics International (BFI) is a leader in providing a practical business approach to experts working in the construction defect expert witness field.  Also, BFI provides Construction defect experts who specialize in all aspects of failure analysis that surround the construction industry both in and out of litigation.

BFI provides the construction defect expert witness the business structure and support so the construction defect expert witness can focus on what they do best solving problems for the client.

BFI provides an invaluable service to its clients by matching the right expert with the qualifications and experience to the specific needs of the client for the project at hand. 


BFI’s commitment to customer service is evident in every aspect of working with its clients, from communicating with and understanding the needs of the client, from communicating with and understanding the needs of the client, matching the correct construction expert to the project, project cost management, construction failure analysis, repair recommendations, detailed reports, deposition, mediation, arbitration



and trial testimony, confidential communications and timely invoicing through all phases of the project.


​Building Forensics International utilizes top experts in the construction industry including Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Architects, Geotechnical Engineers, Soils Engineers, Materials Engineers, and Contractors who have proven themselves to be leaders that think outside the box when approaching clients concerns from the simplest to the most complex scenarios.

It is this writer's opinion that Building Forensics International has set itself apart from the competition and is setting a new standard of service in the construction defect expert witness and construction defect failure analysis industry.


- BFI Staff Writer