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The Difference Between Concrete and Cement

When I first started working at Building Forensics International, I didn't know the differenct between concrete and cement. Frankly, I thought they were the same. A sidewalk on a good day would be "a concrete sidewalk", and on another day it would be "a cement sidewalk." Or I remember as a kid being told, "don't run on the wet cement sidewalk or you'll slip and fall." Here's the best one, "look, there goes a cement truck!"

Well, the engineers and technicians at BFI have really given me an education and a real ribbing from time to time. When I slip up and call concrete cement, they still let me have it.

Here is a short video that gives a good explanation of the difference between concrete and cement. After watching you can share the knowledge the next time you're with someone and they refer to the pavement under your feet as a "cement sidewalk"....wrong! Enjoy!

BFI Staff Writer

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