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The Freedom Ship

I have wondered how long it would take for someone to design a floating city. This one is beyond amazing. If you would like to live on a floating city that circles the world every two years, you may want to check this video out.

The Freedom Ship is a mile long, 25 stories high. The cost to build this vessel is a mere 10 Billion dollars. It will house 50,000 people and has room for an additional 30,000 visitors. It is too large to dock so it will be in constant motion floating around the world every two years. The roof is a landing pad for private and commercial aircrafts.

This Floating City has all the accomadations you could ever want as you continuously journey around the world. Schools, hospitals, businesses, parks, promenades, an art gallery, a shopping center, casino, and airport to name a few.

Enjoy this video as you dream about circling the world the rest of your life on The Freedom Ship.

BFI Staff Writer

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