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Bendable Concrete?

Well, I thought I would never see the day when concrete could bend or flex (see photo), or what the article, "What if Concrete Can Be Made Ductile?" refers to as bendable concrete.

The above mentioned article states that the most important concrete property in the ACI 318 Building Code is compressive strength. The author shares "In recent years, the increasing attention to the need for resiliency and environmental sustainability has shed new light on the limitations of concrete material."

The answer proposed, what if concrete can be made ductile? Concrete of this nature has been often referred to as "bendable concrete". The conclusion drawn is this type of concrete can meet tensile deformation and durability demands. This being the case the applications for "bendable concrete" can become vast in coming years.

Hope you take the time to read the entire article. "Hey, be flexible in your thinking as you read."

Happy Holidays- BFI Staff Writer

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