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Animation of Concrete Cracking In A Swimming Pool

Building Forensics Interational provided concrete expert investigative support for a project recently where there was a number of swimming pools in a specific area. These swimming pools began showing cracks in the plaster around the same period of time.

BFI's team of consultants and technicians performed months of inspections studying the possible reasons for the concrete cracking in these swimming pools. Concrete core samples were extracted and tested. Sampling of the sand and aggragates used in the swimming pools were examined and tested as well.

After months of investigation our team of concrete experts prepared for deposition and trial. The position was established and supported with thousands of photos, data spreadsheets, summary reports and the like. One of the most interesting aspects of this project was a video presentation prepared to show the jury at trial regarding the progressive effects of Alkali Silica Reaction and how it can cause concrete cracking. I have included a short video that was a portion of the presentation.

This type of cracking can occur not only in swimming pools but on any surface that concrete is used.

Let me know what you think of the animation.


BFI Staff Writer -

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