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Concrete Experts: Why They Are Called Experts

This time lapsed video says it all. When you really know what you're doing you can call yourself an expert. The workers that participated on the sliding of a 100 foot section of a concrete bridge can truly call themselves concrete experts.

This task took less than a mere two hours. Can you imagine what the workers who worked on the pyramids in Egypt would be thinking if they could watch this.

When it comes to hiring a concrete expert you want someone who knows how to perform the assigned task. Especially when technolgy is moving faster than the speed of light. If sections of concrete can be moved like the one in this video in less than two hours.

What does the future hold for knowledge and expertise?

At BFI we provide knowledge, skill, and expertise for all your concrete forensic investigative needs.

Hope you take a minute to watch the video

BFI Staff Writer -

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