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Concrete Slab Defects: More Than The Eye Can See

Today I would like to address the issue of Concrete Defects. At Building Forensics International we get calls on a regular basis from people asking us, “What’s wrong with my concrete?” People want a simple answer to what may very well be a complex issue. There are various types of concrete defects and any number of reasons why each one may have occurred. Concrete defects include, cracking, blistering, crazing, curling, delamination, discoloration, dusting, efflorescence, low spots, popouts, and spalling to name a few.

Like I said, the reasons for these defects occurring can be for a number of different reasons. In order to determine a reason for the concrete defect a site investigation, laboratory testing, research data analysis may be necessary. I came across an article entitled, Concrete Slab Surface Defects: Causes, Prevention, Repair that gives very detailed technical explanations for each type of concrete defect and steps suggested to help remediate problem. Again, this article is very technical yet so informative.

If you’re willing to dig in and read this article you will gain understanding to what are the types of concrete defects, some of the reasons why they occur and what could be done to address the particular issue.Let me whet your appetite with the opening sentence from this most informative article on concrete defects, “It is to the credit of concrete that so few complaints are received on the vast amount of construction put in place.”

Concrete is a wonderful material to design and work with to create a structure that will stand the test of time. But, things happen and even with a strong material like concrete, defects can occur. This article is an informative resource if you want to learn more about concrete defects.

Enjoy the read!

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