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Concrete Consulting Engineers

Building Forensics International are the primier Concrete Consulting Engineering Firm in the Western United States. With over 100 years of concrete investigating experience and over 30 years experience providing concrete expert witness testimony.

BFI has investigated such issues as damage to flatwork and pavement joints, uncontrolled cracking to a variety of concrete structures, scaling, spalling, blisters, dusting, pop outs, and discoloration. Also, BFI has investigated concrete and shotcrete with low strength, delaminations, and honeycombing.

BFI provides litigation services that include the following for its clients: review of project documents, field test samples, observation and data gathered from site visits. Material testing results in the form of reports. Condition surveys and final opinion reports.

BFI serves owners, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, insurance companies, government agencies, private industry.

When it comes to retaining a concrete consulting engineer and/or concrete expert witness please consider Building Forensics International.

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