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Concrete Pours and Concrete Expert Witness

Building Forensics International is a firm offering concrete experts who possess decades of experience providing trial testimony and being deposed on behalf of the client. The expertise in many cases involve the concrete pour procedure.

There is an interesting articles discussing two types of concrete pour techniques when heavy rebar is involved. As the article states, "Pouring concrete with heavy rebar ain't easy".

This article discusses the difference between using internal concrete vibration and external vibration when heavy rebar is involved in the pour. The articles outlines the advantages and disadvantages of both. There is also a short video that shows the area of influence in vibration.

Building Forensics International works hard to stay abreast of the latest techniques involving placement of concrete. Hope you take the time to read the above mentioned article. If you or your firm are in need of a concrete expert witness, BFI hopes you will take the time to consider retaining one of our experts for your project.

Happy Thanksgiving from BFI -

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