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Concrete Expert Witness This!

It doesn't take a concrete expert witness to see what's going on in this video. The Demolition of the Clarion Hotel in Las Vegas in an amazing view. As you can see many were on hand to witness this event.

Concrete is an incredibly reliable material to build with. This video shows what extremes have to be taken to destroy this historically dependable material. But what happends when something does go wrong with a structure built with concrete? What if you are a contractor, or an attorney representing a contractor or supplier of concrete? What if you are an insurance company and your client has been accused of poor craftsmanship?

Building Forensics International provides consultants who have provided concrete expert witness support to clients for over 25 years. The cause of the problem is not as obvious as the demolition in this video. Getting to what has caused damage takes a qualified concrete expert witness with experience in the field and in the courtroom.

Please consider Building Forensics International if you have a potential conflict/litigation situation that is about to explode and demolish everything that you've worked to build all your life.

BFI Staff Writer ~

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