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Concrete Forensics Investigations

Concrete forensic consulting services can be a broad topic when it is applied to the applications of construction defect specifically involving concrete and related materials. the science and testing methods applied to the investigation of concrete defects have been abused over the years to make the results apply to a particular needed result.

Building Forensics International is a company that prides itself on the integrity of their concrete investigations. Getting the the truth of why a concrete structure of any type failed is what BFI's goal is as they take on a given assignment.

Finding a qualified concrete expert witness who has the experience and credentials to serve their client for the best results as it applies to the concrete forensic investigation is of the utmost importance.

Most concrete forensic investigations require a team of consultants who have the ability to work together to discover and show evidence for why a concrete structure failed. BFI has a team of consultants with over 150 years of combined experience and have worked on a combined 3000+ investigations.

Whether your project involves concrete cracks, ASR issues, concrete delamination, concrete strength, air content, or any other concrete performance issues. BFI can provide the concrete forensic consulting experience to meet your needs.

Concrete expert witness experience is not just about provide deposition or testimony about a given project. It involves a strategy that will work with the litigation process.

BFI Staff Writer ~

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