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Expert Witness For Concrete and Portland Cement

Building Forensics International contracts consultants to perform investigations for concrete, portland cement, and any other related materials. Materials related to concrete performance can include reinforced steel, plaster, gunite, shotcrete or the likes.

Many projects, where a BFI consultant performs a site visit to investigate the reasons why the concrete or portland cement failed or didn't perform, become potential for expert witness work.

Expert witness assignments can include being called to a deposition, helping in the declaration process, or giving trial testimony.

At BFI, we have consultants who have fulfilled expert witness assignments with thirty years or more of experience.

Here is an example of one assignment in the field that had the potential of providing evidence for expert witness work.

1. Visual Examination of the site where concrete displayed excessive cracking and epoxy like repair materials were applied.

2. Cracking Mapping of the areas were made.

3. Destructive Testing was performed by taking core samples.

4. Standard and Building Codes reviewed.

5. A Summary Report was written based on the findings of the site visit, and DT core samples of the concrete.

The above sample list is a small sampling of what can be used by the expert witness to provide testimony of the for a deposition.

BFI Staff Writer

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