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Concrete Expert Witness: Strategies for Constructing Durable Pool Decks

Pool decks present greater exposure and durability problems than other concrete flatwork. Pool chemicals which can be aggressive, coupled with endless cycles of heating and cooling, wetting and drying, and abrasion from foot traffic on the deck of surface can disrupt poorly specified, improperly proportioned, or incorrectly constructed and finished concrete work.

Two criteria of pool deck performance can be considered as an an abbreviated set of general recommendations and suggestions. In engineering terms, these would relate to design and include the related areas of design plans and materials specifications. The meaning of design for the purposes of this blog includes dimensional and performance criteria of the work, such as slab thickness, joint spacing and detail, sub-base material, joint filling, reinforcing steel (materials), type of concrete finish, and other construction criteria which are site and performance specific for a project. Likewise, for the purposes of this blog, the meaning of specifications includes such details as concrete curing; testing and inspection requirements, if any, etc. Some additional recommendations will be made concerning some construction practices which are important with respect to concrete durability, though a comprehensive list is beyond the scope of this blog.

Design of concrete pool decks must consider many factors, including settling or expansive soils, applied loads, provision for drainage, nature of connection (if any) to pool shell(s), walls, and other features, maintenance, durability, "usability", capacity, not to mention aesthetics. Obviously local regulations from various public entities must also be satisfied.

Building Forensics International (BFI) has vast experience investigating concrete swimming pool decks to discover the reasons why a concrete pool deck may fail to perform. Concrete expert ligation consultants are available to discuss concrete swimming pool decks issues you may be experiencing.

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