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Concrete Expert Witness: Alkali-Silica-Reaction

During the course of a workday many articles and links are sent to give information with what is happening in the concrete defect industry. At Building Forensics International articles like Cracks at Nuclear Site Spur Violation communicate valuable information regarding ASR alkali-silica-reaction and how it affects concrete and the way concrete defect investigations are handled.

BFI has been involved in hundreds of ASR related projects where investigations were performed. In most cases the property owner is told that ASR will cause damage to the performance and durability of the concrete. This article address that if handled in a timely manner many times ASR can be addressed without issue to the quality and performance of the concrete.

If you have time please read the referenced article. If you have an issue with concrete that appears to have issues in anyway please consider contacting Building Forensics International (BFI).

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