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  • Concrete Inner Matrix and Concrete Strength

Concrete Expert Witness: History of Concrete Strength Factors

Building Forensics International is a consulting firm specializing in construction defect in concrete, cement, reinforcing steal, aggregates and any related construction materials like plaster, gunite, stucco and the likes. BFI provides concrete expert witness work for clients in need of finding out what causes the failure of their concrete structure. The article entitled: Into the void: Random gaps and particles work together to play key role in concrete’s strength shares a good amount of technical information about what it takes to make concrete stronger reducing cracking and other concrete defects. This article was written by Stephanie Liverani for The American Ceramic Society.

If you or your client is in need of a Concrete Expert Witness, Concrete Forensic Investigator, or an experienced Concrete Specialist please consider Building Forensics International.

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