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Concrete Forensic Engineering and Failure Analysis

Building Forensics International specializes in concrete forensic engineering investigation and failure analysis. What does that all mean? When concrete cracks, deteriorates, fails due to loading, vibration or damage as a result of exposure to the elements BFI can provide expert and experienced forensic engineering. BFI provides consulting service with over 100 years of consulting experience. BFI specializes in failure analysis of concrete, cement and any related materials such as stucco, plaster, gysom, rebar, gunite and the likes. Forensic engineering and investigations can be provided for evaluation of existing buildings or structures such as bridges, tunnels, airfields, reservoirs, for both commercial and residential structures.

Forensic engineering at BFI evaluates through thorough investigations the damage, deterioration, or any other failure to concrete, cement and related construction materials.

If you have a structure which involves concrete and cement and failure has occurred at some level, consider Building Forensics International to provide professional forensic engineering investigation and failure analysis.

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