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More On Forensic Engineering Investigations and Analysis

The forensic engineering investigative team at Building Forensics International (BFI) has performed both destructive and nondestructive evaluations and testing all across the Western United States and as as far as the Eastern seaboard. Over the coarse of the past 30 plus years forensic engineering consultants for BFI have seen just about every form of concrete damage including, water penetration and all forms of distress to concrete. BFI's team of forensic investigators are committed to utilizing proven troubleshooting skills to get the results necessary to allow the client to make the best and highest informative decision.

Building Forensics International is committed to the most updated forensic engineering investigative and failure analysis techniques to help clients reach their ultimate goal.

BFI has investigated concrete stress and damage on projects involving parking structure, multi-level commercial and residential structures, airfields, bridge and tunnels, reservoirs, warehouse slabs, post-tension slabs, swimming pools, any form of hardscape, stucco walls, ceramic tile flooring and much more.

When choosing a forensic engineering investigative team for your project or litigation please consider Building Forensics International.

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