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BFI Concrete Petrographer Consultant Advantage

Today Building Forensics International (BFI) would like to share more about the advantage of a qualified unbiased concrete petrographer consultant. The image in the upper left is a concrete precast architectural element on a former BFI project. The image (upper right) show the element photographed by a concrete petrographer. The skin of the product with more exposure to water, expanded and failed by a VERY unusual mechanism wherein a secondary material formed causing the damage called thaumasite. The silicate structure of thaumasite is unusual due to the presence of non-tetrahedral silicon in its crystal lattice.

The image (immediate left) illustrates the concrete petrographer using lighting wavelengths to capture the presence of thaumasite on the edges of the concrete sample (lightest in appearance). The concrete petrographer used different lighting wavelengths to provide the best image possible to display the presence of the thaumasite. See image below.

A qualified concrete petrographer consultant can provide an expertise to a concrete forensice investigative team that can be invaluable to the client.

If you are considering a concrete consultant or concrete petrographer for a concrete defect dispute that you may be involved in please consider Building Forensics International.

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