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BFI Concrete Consultant and the Concrete Petrographer

The following images were taken from a project where Building Forensics International (BFI) concrete consultants extracted cores from a swimming pool deck and utilized a concrete petrographer to help in a concrete failure analysis. The photo image to the left is a twelve inch diameter core that was removed from the deck. This is how the core looks after removal by our concrete consultant team.

The image to the left is a cross section of the core above which has been polished and magnified to show evidence of cracking. The concrete petrographer prepared this cross section for the concrete consultant team to aid in assessing the concrete failure analysis.

The image to the left is the same core magnified 64x to show details to the composition of the concrete materials. The concrete petrographer examines the specimen looking for reasons why the concrete failed. The concrete consultant examines the images and forms an opinion to why the concrete failed.

The image to the left has been magnified 80x to shows the voids in the concrete sample.

If you are in need of a concrete failure analysis assessment and would like to speak to a concrete consultant from Building Forensics International please go to the contact page.


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