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BFI Concrete Warehouse Slab Distress

BFI, Building Forensics International has worked on over 100 projects that involve concrete warehouse slabs which were distressed in some form. Concrete warehouse slabs by nature take on an incredible amount of abuse. Whether it is from constant use of heavy equipment or the stacking of large shelving units.

Over the course of time a concrete warehouse slab can be distressed to the point of cracking on the surface or extreme joint cracking. The concrete surface can also display delaminations and pop-outs from the distress of everyday use. When a concrete warehouse slab exhibits distress of any kind a concrete consultant can be become a valuable resource.

BFI concrete consultants and concrete petrographers and been utilized on new concrete warehouse slabs as well as older slabs to determine the cause of the distress. A site investigation of the concrete warehouse slab is a wise investment to examine cause(s) of the failure to the slab.

If you are in need of a Concrete forensic consultant who has the experience of examining concrete warehouse slabs please consider Building Forensic Internationals team of concrete and petrographic consultants.

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