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BFI Concrete Expert Witness: Distressed Warehouse Slab

The image to the left is a cross section of a concrete core from a concrete petrographer's report taken from a distressed concrete warehouse slab. This is the kind of information that a qualified experienced concrete expert witness can provide to an construction dispute or litigation.

These kind of reports from a concrete petrographer can provide reasons for failure of a structure like in this case a distressed concrete warehouse slab. BFI concrete consultants rely on site visits, investigative field notes, and reports provide by geologists, petrographers, and other specialists that investigate construction defect situations.

If you are in need of a concrete expert witness, concrete petrographer, and/or concrete consultants who are qualified and have over 40 years experience please contact Building Forensics International.

BFI provides forensic analysis for concrete defect disputes and litigation cases across the Continental United States.

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