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BFI Concrete Expert Witness: BFI Concrete Consultants Provide Petrographic Analysis

Building Forensics International (BFI) is concrete consulting firm that provides concrete insights for owners, developers, contractors and subcontractors when there is construction defects that require a qualified concrete expert to investigate and/or evaluate a job site.

BFI provides concrete and photographic consultants who have years of experience in the field investigating concrete materials.

When a construction project develops an issue that can't be resolved, many times BFI will be asked to provide concrete expert witness opinions and/or deposition-trial testimony. Concrete expert witness testimony can be a valuable instrument for any attorney/client who represents a developer or contractor.

If you are in need of a concrete consultant, photographic analysis of concrete and/or to retain a concrete expert witness please consider BFI one of the leading concrete consulting firms in the United States.

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