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Partnering Together In Concrete Disputes

Building Forensics International is a consulting firm that helps clients manage disputes that involve Concrete and Cement issues. When a developer, contractor or sub-contractor is approached by one of their clients regarding workmanship issues of any kind that involve concrete, cement, or any other related materials, BFI works to find reason(s) for the defect, damage or workmanship issue in question.

BFI is a service oriented company, striving to produce the best quality product for our client, whether a report, testing, site visit, or giving referrals for the best resource possible. With this in mind, I came across an interesting article entitled Importance of Defining Quality and Expectations. This article discusses defining clearly the level of quality expected by both the client and the design firm (in this case BFI).

I found this article to be beneficial and would encourage you to subcribe to the author's newsletter.

-BFI Staff writer

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