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Concrete Expert Witness Needed?

Many times an excellent concrete expert witness is difficult to find when you actually need one. Litigators, Insurance companies, and contractors make a critical mistake from inception. When it's determined that a concrete expert witness is needed a common mistake is to hire a consultant with concrete industry experience but has little or no experience as an expert witness.

A concrete expert is just not enough. The ability to communicate during a deposition or trial testimony can be critical to the outcome of a litigation/concrete dispute. Attorneys rely on the knowledge of an expert witness. If a concrete expert has little experience in the deposition or trial testimony process their knowledge can come across as unsure or lacking.

At BFI we have concrete experts with years of experience being deposed and giving trial testimony. Over the past twenty plus years concrete expert witness consultants associated with BFI have played an integral part in major construction defect cases.

If you have a need for a concrete expert witness please consider Building Forensics International.

BFI Staff Writer-

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